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SPN/J2 Big Bang Art Post: The Courtship of Jensen's Costar

First up, here is the information for the story that I arted:

Fic title: The Courtship of Jensen’s Co-Star
Author name: qblackheart
Artist name: switch842
Genre: RPS
Pairing: J2, Non-AU
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 112,000+
Warnings: Language, Schmoop, Angst, Sex.
Summary: Somewhere in the time between a handshake and a hug, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki went from being reel-life brothers to real-life best friends, and complete strangers to cosmic soul mates, no rhyme or reason to it that either of them could ever see. Jared was everything Jensen was not: friendly, funny, and full of life; one in six-point-whatever billion the Earth’s population currently stood at. Life was awesome. Work was amazing. Everything was fine until Jared kissed Jensen. Everything was peachy until Jensen fell in love. With desperate times unexpectedly calling for desperate measures, Jensen called Chad Michael Murray for relationship advice – because being in love led to temporary insanity obviously – so it really didn't surprise him that he couldn’t seem to win when it came to wooing Jared. Still, Pisces must’ve been in a really good place in the night sky or something because suddenly, right smack dab in the middle of the miserable courtship of his co-star, Jensen discovered that maybe loving Jared was all he needed to do to win his heart. And luckily for Jensen, loving Jared was also the one thing he did best.


Firstly, thanks to qblackheart. This has been a truly collaborative project and I've really enjoyed getting to know you through this process. :-)

Secondly, big thanks to brihana25, whisper99 and daniel_shadow for the feedback and help on the trailer. I was trying some new things with this one and your input was very much appreciated.

There were two things I wanted to take into consideration when composing the art:
1) The linear nature of the story
2) Jensen's personal journey of acceptance

To that end, you will notice that the pictures used follow Jared and Jensen through the years, starting with season 1. They also gradually fade up from black and white to full color as Jensen comes to realize his feelings and accept what that means to him and his life.

With that said, here's the art!







| |


(Click for bigger)


You Don’t Know Me – Michael Grimm
you give your hand to me, and then you say hello
and i can hardly speak, my heart is beating so

Little Wonders – Rob Thomas
our lives are made in these small hours
these little wonders
these twists & turns of fate
time falls away but these small hours
still remain

Trip – Hedley
whoa, what are you doing to me?
i'm so into you
and the hardest part is knowing
that i'll never follow through

Game of Love – Santana and Michelle Branch
one kiss… and boom, you’re the only one for me

Sideways – Citizen Cope
these feelings won't go away
they've been knockin' me sideways
they've been knockin' me out lately
whenever you come around me

All I Can Do – Chantal Kreviazuk
when you're on your own
when you're at the fork in the road
you don't know which way to go
there's too many signs and arrows
you haven't laughed in a while
when you can't even fake a smile
when you feel ashamed
the uniform don't make you brave

Accidentally in Love – Counting Crows
how much longer will it take to cure this?
just to cure it ‘cause i can’t ignore it if it’s love, love
makes me wanna turn around and face me but i don’t know nothing ‘bout love

Drive My Soul – Lights
you make the darkness disappear
i feel found when you stay near
i know where i am when you are here
my way becomes so clear
you make the street lights reappear
i feel bright when you stand near
i know what i am when you are here
my place becomes so clear

Heartbeat – Scouting for Girls
doing all i can do, just to be close to you
every time that we meet, i skip a heartbeat

always up for a laugh, he's a pain in the ass
every time that we meet, i skip a heartbeat

i do love, he does heartbreak
i did love, ‘til he broke my heart

Look After You – The Fray
if i don't say this now i will surely break
as i'm leaving the one i want to take
forgive the urgency but hurry up and wait
my heart has started to…

Weak in the Knees – Serena Ryder
would you mind if i pretended i was someone else
with courage in love and war?
i used to think that's what i was
but now this lying hurts too much
and i don't know what for

Feel – Robbie Williams
i just wanna feel
real love and the love ever after
there's a hole in my soul
you can see it in my face
it's a real big place

So Contagious – Acceptance
could this be out of line?
to say you're the only one breaking me down like this
you're the only one i would take a shot on
keep me hanging on, so contagiously

Lucky – Jason Mraz & Colbie Callait
lucky i'm in love with my best friend
lucky to have been where i have been
lucky to be coming home again

Insatiable – Darren Hayes
turn the lights down low
take it off, let me show
my love for you

Everything – Lifehouse
how can i stand here with you
and not be moved by you?
would you tell me
how could it be
any better than this?

Let Your Love Speak – Emerson Drive
one kiss, you'll see, i'll make you believe
you belong with me
boy, you can’t run
there's no place that far, it's written in the stars
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