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Glee - I Am Unicorn

OK. It is time for Kurt to step it up and be a good boyfriend and tell Blaine to take the role of Tony. I'm sorry, but harsh as it was, everything Beiste and Artie said about Kurt is true. He's amazing, but he's not Tony. Not yet. He could be one day, but not yet. Blaine is Tony. He's ready now. And to keep Blaine from that would be horribly selfish.

(Side note: I REALLY REALLY need to get to NY in January now. Holy shit, Darren!)

And what the hell is Quinn thinking? She wants to get full custody? Damn....

Puck, though, is really gaining ground as one of my favorite characters. He's one of the most three dimensional characters on the show. He's had some really great development over the seasons.

And what is going on with Will? I'm almost afraid to admit this, but I'm kind of liking this new aggressive, authoritative Will. He's really stepping it up as a teacher and an adult and a leader to these kids and it's about damn time.
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